Sunday Bible Study

This section contains the audio broadcast of a weekly Bible study taught at the First Baptist Church in Naples Florida.  The study is being taught by Mr. John Garippa.  Please pray that the Lord will use this continuing effort to advance the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.

The Book of Acts

The Sermon On The Mount

The Lord’s Prayer

Special Editions

The Gospel of John

2 Thoughts on “Sunday Bible Study

  1. John Garippa’s gifts of teaching Gods Word are rapidly and enthusiastically being adopted. Thanks to technology, the recent iphone, ipad and android “APP” was released allowing users to access John’s BLG teachings on their phone has allowed me to help witness in the name of Jesus like never before.

    A Spanish tennis friend with reasonably good English saw my wrist band that said Jesus, and said, “Me too”. I shared the “App”, with him, and that night he went home and he told me the next morning at our tennis workout that he and his wife had listened to the Intro to John audio. Lasaro, explained to me that his wife’s English is not so good, so he had to explain things to her.

    So the Challenge is somehow, taking the current audio and seeing if there is a way to convert it to SPANISH!. I can take this on or help if you wish. We have a huge untapped group of Christians in waiting.

    Chris B.

  2. Thank you John and Linda, I forward to my children.

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